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Books February 25, 2010

Triathlon For Girls Like Us!

The idea of writing “Triathlon For Girls Like Us” came to me during a women’s triathlon club meeting when I was told to “be careful” with a particular training schedule, because it was written by men and predominantly for men. This is when I realized that women need their own training guides specifically for them, and written by someone who can really put herself in their shoes.

With information specifically addressing women participation in triathlons, “Triathlon For Girls Like Us” is a great guide for those starting out, as well as for those that have participated in a triathlon and want to improve their performance.

In this guide, you will find what you need to know to prepare for your first triathlon. If you have already participated in one or a few, it will help you get more organized and will provide answers to common questions you may have. With questions provided by beginner triathletes and advice from the experts, “Triathlon For Girls Like Us” will help you give it a tri!

Click here to buy \”Triathlon For Girls Like Us\” on Amazon


Running For Girls Like Us!

My latest book, Running for Girls Like Us, is finally for sale on (paperback and ebook formats)!

You may have heard this pitch before, but running is a great way to enhance your health and wellness, improve your self-esteem, and gain an overall sense of accomplishment.

Running may seem like a simple activity, but it can introduce a whole new world of training, stretching, balance, and nutrition, requiring some major lifestyle changes.  Luckily, anyone can adjust to a running routine and become a lifelong runner with the proper knowledge and tools.

Running for Girls Like Us, offers tips and advice for novice, veteran, and returning runners alike, specifically addressing women.

Based on the latest health and fitness research, this book presents detailed, experience-based training schedules for smaller races up to marathons, and provides expert opinions on topics like strength training, nutrition, clothing, gear and gadgets, and racing strategies.  Here and there, you’ll find some motivational success stories and anecdotal tips on balancing work and social life with running.

If you read and enjoyed Triathlon for Girls Like Us, I think you’ll like this one as well.  So please check it out :)



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